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Ten Talking Words

Members of God were born in April 2009 from an idea of Enzo Donnarumma. The sound that the project aimed to achieve doses prog- symphonic metal elements with high researched orchestral lines, quoting also the Jewish folk music scene (the presence of assyrian-palestinian tools witnesses to it).

Even more sophisticated is the meaning inside the ideology and the texts, strictly linked with the christian metal. Through a passionate theological study the singer Donnarumma shared with the Pinto brothers the idea of Christ speaking through metal. ( and with the appearance of the singer of unbelievable similarity!).This way of thinking leads Members of God during the whole process of their first job “Ten Talking Words“, a concept album in wich they eviscerate, with a strong and emotional impact, the true message of the crucified Messiah,that has nothing to do with the religious goodism that has lost during the centuries the real power of Christ’Word.

The band aims to build a live-show style that can fuse the energy of Metal with an intense and sigificant rappresentation of iconographic and mystical items , in a very original way.



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