In The Name of The Father

Enzo Donnarumma // Metal



in the name of the father

Enzo Donnarumma is a christian singer, songwriter, arranger and guitarist. His sound explores and unifies different genres: Prog Metal, classical music, symphonic soundtrack, musical, ethnic music, World Music and New Age. He is currently the lead singer of Christian band “Members of God”.

Enzo Donnarumma is originally from Naples. Due to the loss of his parents, he moved to maternal uncles, where he started studying piano and guitar. His musical growth is already influenced by extensive experience of listening to Blues, Soul, Gospel, Progressive and Psychedelic, Hard and Heavy, Classical, Soundtrack, Folk and New Age music.

He graduated in classical guitar, is passionate about Christian theology and begins to deal with the productions of musical-theatrical projects, Christian argumentation, many of whom have received national awards for directing and for the interpretation of the role of Christ.

In addition to various instrumentalist activities, which performs full-time in his country, he has collaborated and performed live with famous artists of the international metal scene: Shadow Gallery, Orphaned Land, Ralf Scheepers, Mark Zonder, Marty Friedman, Blade.

In 2015 Enzo signs a contract with Underground Symphony for the publication of “In the Name of The Father”, a solo project with the participation of Shadow Gallery, Orphaned Land, Ralf Scheepers, Mark Zonder, Marty Friedman, Whispers from Heaven and Tina Gagliotta, singer of Poemisia.



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