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I arose as a rock guitarist. When I began I had strong will and I was thrilled to emulate my favourite bands at the time: Slipknot’s smashing riffs, System Of A Down’s intensity, Pearl Jam’s virtuoso solos, it was just the top for me.
I spent so many hours in my days studying electric guitar as an autodidact, trying always to overcome my own limits.

Then I experienced Dream Theater’ s music, they were and still are for me an absolute musical pillar, thanks to their incredible transversality.

 After some years, 13 more or less, I felt the urge to just ride a different road, different from the one that characterized my formation. So electronic music, although it entered my life quietly, it began to fascinate me in a way that I never thought possible. Artists like Bonobo, Nicolas Jaar, Jon Hopkins and Trentemoller broke through my rough and hardened rocker heart, becoming reference points but mostly a joy for my ears and my musical inspiration.

 My songs are born essentially from a disengaged mood, beauty of nature, my strong desire for freedom and my visceral attachment to optimism: they lead me to look for the positive side, always bringing out good from bad. I’m often being told that I’m just like a big baby but I’m actually quite proud of this, because it allows me to watch the world from an hopeful perspective, which I always want to make shine through my works.

 Sometimes the problems I face and the experiences derived help me to write better, just like those more touching that easily associate states of mind and I often prefer, as a meditative guy, to isolate myself in order to assimilate and understand better any stimulus coming from the outside.

In those moments, when I need to idealise the emotions I gathered, I only need to embrace my guitar, look at the white and long keyboard and close my eyes. Everything else is spontaneous, like I am controlled by something remote that follows me through writing my lyrics and, most of all, my music.

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Country: Italy – Casal Velino

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